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Residential Fire
Residential Fire

Residential Fire Insurance

Anadolu Residential Fire Insurance covers your home and the contents in it against several risks such as fire, theft, flood and/or eartquake.

Your home might become unusable. If you’re a tenant you might have to move out… If you’re an owner, you might lose expected rental income. You might even have to pay the expenses of moving or of removal of debris.

Anadolu Residential Fire Insurance policy issued for your home and properties will help you against all these burdens and ensure your continued happiness.

Anadolu Residential Fire Insurance Policy is a single policy that provides coverage against multiple risks. It is a comprehensive package insurance policy specially designed for your needs. With this policy you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your house, your furnishings, and even your loved ones are covered.

Moreover Anadolu Residential Fire Insurance provides you an extremely economic solution to have such a wide coverage.

For more information please contact with the nearest Anadolu Insurance Company‘s authorized agency.

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Coverage

Turkish Natural Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) indemnifies the material damages - which are caused by earthquakes and the fires, explosions, tsunami and landslide that are caused directly by the earthquake within the limits stated in your policy.

Dwelling owners – who desire to secure the future of their dwellings and families - can obtain their insurance by going to the closest Anadolu Insurance agency or İş Bankası branch.

In a general, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is an insurance system that is developed for the residential buildings which are within the municipality's borders.

Pursuant to Disaster Insurances Law no. 6305, the following buildings are covered:

  • Buildings which are constructed as residential and registered in the land registry office under private ownership.
  • Independent sections that are in the scope of Property Ownership Law no. 634
  • Independent sections in these residential buildings which are used for business office, bureau and similar purposes
  • Dwellings which are built by the state or with the loan given due to the natural disasters

The losses which occur due to the following incidents are not covered:

  • Debris removal costs
  • Loss of profit
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of rent
  • Alternative residence and workplace costs
  • Financial liabilities and similar other losses which can be claimed
  • All kinds of movable properties, goods, etc.
  • All bodily injuries and death
  • Non-material damages
  • Losses which are not caused by the earthquake.
  • Independently of the earthquake, damages which occur in time due to the flawed structure of the building

For more information please visit the official web site of TCIP: