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Maksimum Sigorta

Maksimum Sigorta

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  • Workplace Insurance
  • Mobile Phone Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Auto
  • Residential Fire
  • Медицинское страхование для иностранцев
  • Travel and Personal Accident
Workplace Insurance

What Does This Insurance Cover?

Workplace package insurance provides coverage for

Fire, lightning, explosion





Land-air vehicles collusion

Glass break

Strike, lock-out, civil commotion, disturbance, willful misconduct and terror

Financial liability for fire

Loss of rent

Alternative workplace costs

Work stoppage

Debris removal

What Does This Insurance Cover?

As well as

Coverage for theft, cash transportation, breach of trust, employer's financial liability, personal accident, 3rd party financial liability, physical damages, burglary, shelf and shop window fall, false ceiling fall, vehicle crash clause, fire extinguishing costs, costs incurred to prevent damage, post damage infrastructure cleaning and repair costs, lack of insulation, employees' properties, electricity damage, collapse, discretionary construction works, underinsurance, temporary move, legal protection.

You can also procure coverage for damage on your workplace and property, caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, landslides, flooding, landslides caused by excavation, and hailstorms.

In case machinery or electronic devices at your workplace are also prone to hazards, you can also procure machine or electronic device breakdown coverage through this policy.

You can also gain security for trial costs through the Legal Protection Insurance to help in case of a legal dispute.

Perhaps you carry special risks in your operations. You can purchase Product Liability, Internal Commodity Transportation, and Subcontracted Commodity coverage.

These extended coverage options available only in the Workplace Package Insurance allows you to get complete coverage through a single policy.

Mobile Phone Insurance

What is Health Insurance

Maksimum Sigorta is here to help you to enjoy the benefits of choosing the doctor and the health institution you wish by using your health insurance policy. All inpatient and outpatient treatments resulting from an accident or an illness, are covered both in Turkey and abroad. We are by your side with low prices and high quality.


Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Get all the insurance coverage that you’ll ever need for your vehicle in a single policy together with superior advantages.

Full Replacement
If your new model car is stolen or suffers total loss during the first year of your policy, Anadolu Motor Insurance will pay you an amount equal to its current value.

A nationwide network of “Contracted Service Stations”
In the event of an accident, your vehicle will be taken immediately by yourself or by Anadolu Service to a contracted service station of your choice, after which you may pick up your repaired vehicle without having to pay anything at all once you’ve presented the required documents.

No deduction for increased value
No deductions are made from compensation payments to cover the enhanced value of your vehicle when a damaged part is replaced with a new one.

Continued coverage limit
After a claim, your policy remains in force at the pre-claim sum insured and no extra premium is charged.

No-claims bonus
Every year that passes without any claim increases the grade of your no-claims bonus. In claims involving broken glass during the policy period, one claim which is repaired by a contracted glass service station will have no effect on your no-claims bonus.
You can also buy an extra cover that will protect your no-claims bonus even if there is a claim.

Complete protection against inflation
Increases in the value of your vehicle due to inflation during the policy period are automatically reflected in your policy and in the event of a claim compensation is adjusted by the posted rate of inflation.

Coverage for driver, passengers and those outside the vehicle
In addition to yourself and those inside your vehicle, coverage is also provided for any losses that your vehicle may cause to others.

Coverage for personal and valuable properties in the vehicle
Your policy provides coverage for personal properties in the vehicle (other than jewelry, money, mobile phones and portable computers etc.) Your professional equipments also qualified for this personal property coverage when your personal property is stolen causing damage to your vehicle.

Coverage for earthquakes, landslide, storm, hail, lighting, volcanic eruption, flood, strike, lockout, riot, civil commotion, malicious acts and terrorism Legal Defense
Your policy covers all your legal defence expenses.

Accidental disability
As a result of an accident covered by the policy, if the insured is disabled immediately or within two years, a proportion of the amount stated on the policy is paid according to general conditions.

Medical treatment
If the insured is hurt as a result of an accident covered by the policy, all medical bills are paid within the limit stated on the policy. Sports injuries, earthquake, terrorism, flood can also be covered with additional charges.

VAT refunds
Coverage: In losses that have been caused to others, payment is made for the amount exceeding the limit covered by the traffic policy.

Compulsory Policies

According to the Motorway Traffic Code, Nr. 2918, Motor Third Party Liability (trafic) Insurance is compulsory for all vehicle owners. This policy covers vehicle owner’s legal liability for all bodily damages to third persons and financial damages to other vehicles.
Amounts covered and application principles are determined by the Treasury Department and published in official gazette. These are compulsory for all insurance companies.

Anadolu Sigorta has an extended product that contains motor third party liability cover:

  • Maksimum Traffic insurance

When travelling abroad, if the country you are visiting is in the Green Card System, you should buy a Green Card policy before leaving Turkey. This is an international extension of motor third party liability insurance applicable in 45 countries.

If the vehicle is used for passenger transportation, there are two more compulsory insurance policies:

  • Compulsory Motorways Third Part Liability policy for Passenger Transportation
  • Compulsory Motorways Seat Personal Accident policy for Passenger Transportation

Residential Fire

Residential Fire Insurance

Anadolu Residential Fire Insurance covers your home and the contents in it against several risks such as fire, theft, flood and/or eartquake.

Your home might become unusable. If you’re a tenant you might have to move out… If you’re an owner, you might lose expected rental income. You might even have to pay the expenses of moving or of removal of debris.

Anadolu Residential Fire Insurance policy issued for your home and properties will help you against all these burdens and ensure your continued happiness.

Anadolu Residential Fire Insurance Policy is a single policy that provides coverage against multiple risks. It is a comprehensive package insurance policy specially designed for your needs. With this policy you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your house, your furnishings, and even your loved ones are covered.

Moreover Anadolu Residential Fire Insurance provides you an extremely economic solution to have such a wide coverage.

For more information please contact with the nearest Anadolu Insurance Company‘s authorized agency.

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Coverage

Turkish Natural Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) indemnifies the material damages - which are caused by earthquakes and the fires, explosions, tsunami and landslide that are caused directly by the earthquake within the limits stated in your policy.

Dwelling owners – who desire to secure the future of their dwellings and families - can obtain their insurance by going to the closest Anadolu Insurance agency or İş Bankası branch.

In a general, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is an insurance system that is developed for the residential buildings which are within the municipality's borders.

Pursuant to Disaster Insurances Law no. 6305, the following buildings are covered:

  • Buildings which are constructed as residential and registered in the land registry office under private ownership.
  • Independent sections that are in the scope of Property Ownership Law no. 634
  • Independent sections in these residential buildings which are used for business office, bureau and similar purposes
  • Dwellings which are built by the state or with the loan given due to the natural disasters

The losses which occur due to the following incidents are not covered:

  • Debris removal costs
  • Loss of profit
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of rent
  • Alternative residence and workplace costs
  • Financial liabilities and similar other losses which can be claimed
  • All kinds of movable properties, goods, etc.
  • All bodily injuries and death
  • Non-material damages
  • Losses which are not caused by the earthquake.
  • Independently of the earthquake, damages which occur in time due to the flawed structure of the building

For more information please visit the official web site of TCIP:

Медицинское страхование для иностранцев

Медицинское страхование для иностранцев


Maksimum Sigorta (Максимум Страхование) предлагает свои услуги из
самого центра Стамбула. Мы специализируемся на уникальных
страховых решениях и обладаем широким спектром страховых
продуктов для частных лиц и бизнеса. Мы предлагаем нашим клиентам
такие услуги как медицинское страхование (в том числе для получения
статуса ВНЖ), страхование имущества, автострахование, страхование
бизнеса и иные услуги. Мы проконсультируем Вас на русском языке.

Travel and Personal Accident

Those insured who purchase the foreign travel insurance, which is required together with visa applications by the countries that apply visas to Turkish citizens and citizens of other countries, from Maximum Insurance, not only have the compulsory health coverage of 30,000 Euros; They also protect themselves against many mishaps that can spoil their holiday, from loss of luggage to damage, theft or delay of scheduled luggage.

Why Should I Get Travel Insurance?

With this product of  Maximum Insurance, we protect our insured not only for the risks that may occur during the holiday but also against situations that catch people off guard when they least expect it, such as the cancellation of the holiday with the tour, the death of a family member or the interruption of the journey due to damage to the home.

Within the scope of the Overseas Travel Insurance product offered by Anadolu Sigorta; “Travel of one of the family members due to the treatment to be given to the insured”, “Return trip due to the cessation of the journey due to the death of one of the family members”, “Return trip due to the interruption of the journey due to damage to the home”, “Finding the luggage and delivering it to the insured”, “Medicine to the insured” sending”, “Delivery of urgent messages” services are provided unlimitedly.